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COMING SOON! We've expanded our product lines to meet your requests!
  • Designer Polymer Ceiling and Floor Panels
  • Glass Mosaic Tile
  • Stand-offs, Clips and Hardware
  • Bullet-Resistant Panels


We've gathered the very best architectural resin and glazing (glass) panel products from around the world and made them available with one click. You can get samples, competitive quotes, technical information and place orders for multiple products at one time. You can easily compare designs, specs, and colors with one click. Whether you're looking for PETG, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass; translucent, transparent or opaque; we can help you find the right product. We'll also help find alternative brands to fit your budget without compromising your design specifications.

Our site easy to navigate and simple to use. You can view all the standard designs offered, or we can help you order custom designs if needed. Contact us, to find solutions at your fingertips.


With increased costs for many construction and architectural products, it can be challenging to achieve an intended design within a specific budget. We've gathered all the information for you, and we feel we've struck an excellent balance between enough choices and cost control. Our live US-based customer service is always ready to answer any questions you have.


We are design professionals who have been in the design industry in various professional capacities for many years, who understand the need for speed to keep costs under control, and the need for innovation to keep your clients happy. By pooling many years of resin panel industry experience, we know how to get it, how to qualify it, how to buy it and how to keep it within budget.

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The collection of designs displayed is for visual interpretation only. These are computer generated images that represent popular styles widely available on the worldwide web. No images are displayed knowingly that may be covered by copyright or patent or are proprietary to any specific manufacturer. Please notify us if you have any questions about any designs.
We no longer offer 3form, do not sell 3form, and no products represented are made by 3form.

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